TriStar Centennial February 29, 2012

Tenex FAST procedure now available in Nashville at Centennial Surgery Center

Demonstration of Ultra-sound technology
F. Clarke Holmes, M.D., sports medicine physician, demonstrates how he uses ultrasound technology and a specialized tool the size of a pen to remove damaged tissue in a matter of seconds during the Tenex FAST out-patient procedure.

Nashville, Tenn., (February 29, 2012) – Middle Tennessee residents suffering from chronic lateral elbow tendonitis have a new non-surgical treatment alternative to remove their damaged tendon and find pain relief.

The Tenex FAST procedure is a minimally invasive, out-patient procedure being offered by F. Clarke Holmes, M.D., sports medicine physician, at the Centennial Surgery Center in Nashville. Using ultrasound technology for enhanced precision, Holmes guides a specialized tool the size of a pen directly to the damaged tissue and removes it in a matter of seconds.

“A patient suffering from chronic lateral elbow tendonitis– commonly referred to as tennis elbow – may hesitate to find long-term relief because it requires surgery with an extended recovery time,” Holmes said. “I am very excited to offer a non-surgical alternative in Nashville that affords patients relief with minimum impact on their daily routine during recovery.”

Most people who experience tennis elbow are between ages 35 and 65 and tend to lead active lifestyles. Holmes said this is because as people age, their muscle and tissue recovery time is not as quick as it may have been in earlier years.

Tendonitis is most commonly treated with non–surgical options including rest, medication, injections or physical therapy. If those options don’t work, and pain lasts for more than three months, patients previously had to opt for open surgery to remove the scarred tissue causing them pain. Surgery meant general anesthesia, potential for unintended damage to surrounding muscle and tissue, and a long recovery period that included restricted physical activity.

“With the Tenex FAST option, we offer patients a two-minute procedure using only local anesthesia,” said Holmes. “There are no stitches, patients can return to work the next day and they are only on restricted activity for about two weeks.”

To learn more about Dr. Holmes and the Tenex FAST procedure, visit and select the ‘Need a Doctor’ link or call (615) 342-1919.

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