TriStar Centennial July 20, 2012

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (July 20, 2012) – TriStar Ashland City Medical Center proudly hosted a community open house commemorating 25 years of service and continued commitment to providing Cheatham and neighboring county residents with accessible, quality, and compassionate healthcare on July 19.

“In one word, above all, TriStar Ashland City offers Cheatham County residents access to quality healthcare services. However, there is much more – we offer residents a variety of medical services, ensuring we meet the diverse needs of our community” said Darrell White, administrator of TriStar Ashland City.

Team members were on-hand to show visitors how years of growth and improvements have made Cheatham County’s only hospital a community treasure. Today, residents have access to 24/7 emergency services, a 12-bed inpatient acute care unit, endoscopy services, full diagnostic lab services, outpatient infusion services, rehabilitation services, and radiology services right in Ashland City.

Staff also announced that the hospital will offer its own hospitalist program and ambulatory surgery services beginning in September.

“Our leadership team is committed to developing and growing with the community to provide services of equal or greater quality to Nashville hospitals,” said White. “That’s why we are here - it is a collaborative relationship. We are neighbors taking care of neighbors.”

Cheatham County is the third fastest growing county in the state, according to the Nashville Area Chamber of Commerce. The population is estimated to grow 64 percent over the next twenty years, meaning the future of TriStar Ashland City appears bright. The facility has continually grown with its community, and it will continue to do the same for years to come, ensuring an everlasting partnership.

“We support the community and need the community to support us,” said White. “In addition to helping patients, TriStar Ashland City hospital provides a $4.5 million economic impact to our local community.”

The hospital will continue to explore opportunities to expand healthcare services for the community, recognizing that a time will eventually come when the hospital will be positioned to build a replacement facility.

“That day may still be a bit down the road, but the staff members who first opened the hospital 25 years ago know that anything is possible with the TriStar Ashland City team,” he said.

TriStar Ashland City opened as Cheatham County Medical Center in July 1987. It was purchased by HCA is 1995 and renamed Centennial Medical Center at Ashland City. Five years later, the facility’s services and amenities earned it a Critical Access Hospital (CAH) designation, a distinction given only to 17 hospitals in Tennessee to provide healthcare in rural areas. In 2010, the facility was licensed for four additional inpatient beds, bringing its inpatient bed count to 12. Most recently, in 2012, the facility changed its name to TriStar Ashland City Medical Center to celebrate being part of HCA’s TriStar Health, the region’s largest and most comprehensive healthcare provider.

Celebrating 25 years of providing access to quality healthcare for Ashland City and surrounding communities as Cheatham County’s only hospital, TriStar Ashland City is a 12-bed critical access hospital offering a broad spectrum of inpatient and outpatient services, including 24/7 emergency care. Additional services include inpatient admissions, surgical services, outpatient lab work, diagnostic medical imaging, and rehabilitation therapy. TriStar Ashland City is backed by TriStar Centennial if more specialized care is needed. For more information about the services offered and health plans accepted by TriStar Ashland City, call TriStar MedLine® at (615) 342-1919 or (800) 242-5662, or visit and choose TriStar Ashland City. TriStar Ashland City is located at 313 North Main Street in Ashland City, Tenn.

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