TriStar Centennial March 11, 2013

ASHLAND CITY, Tenn. (March 11, 2013) – TriStar Ashland City Medical Center donated a professional medical laboratory microscope to the Health Sciences Program at Cheatham County Central High School on March 8, 2013.

“The donation of this high quality microscope will enable the students to meet the learning objectives and standards of the health science program,” said Danielle Kriminger RNC, BSN, health science instructor, Cheatham County Central High School. “I would like to express my appreciation for (TriStar Ashland City’s) generosity. This (donation) will directly impact my students and the knowledge they gain in this program.”

The health sciences program, which currently has 81 students enrolled, is focused on preparing students interested in healthcare for post-secondary education in the health science areas. The program is designed to include hands on experience and practice as well as in-depth study into all of the body systems and disease. This new microscope will enhance the students’ learning experience as they explore the cellular structure of the body.

Kriminger said that students following the health sciences focus in high school take at least three courses in the program. This school year, the courses offered are Health Science, Medical Therapeutics, Diagnostic Medicine, and Anatomy & Physiology.

TriStar Ashland City Medical Center and Cheatham County Central High School are currently exploring an affiliation agreement to provide the health sciences students with clinical rotation opportunities at the hospital starting next school year. All parties are excited about the potential partnership.

“It is a wonderful opportunity for students to gain hands-on exposure and valuable insight into future career paths for healthcare,” said Darrell White, administrator of TriStar Ashland City. “Healthcare is a calling and through these clinical rotations, students should be able to determine their direction for college, whether in nursing, laboratory, imaging, physical therapy, or even medical school. It's all about 'neighbors taking care of neighbors' and as Cheatham County's only hospital, we are thrilled to partner with our community's students for academic achievement.”

Kriminger also believes the clinical experiences will enable the students to grow as future healthcare providers.

“Clinical rotations will provide (students) with a higher level of understanding of health care, the roles of health care providers, hospital organizational structures, policies, procedures, and most importantly hands on patient care,” she said.

Celebrating 25 years of providing access to quality healthcare for Ashland City and surrounding communities as Cheatham County’s only hospital, TriStar Ashland City is a 12-bed critical access hospital offering a broad spectrum of inpatient and outpatient services, including 24/7 emergency care. Additional services include inpatient admissions, surgical services, outpatient lab work, diagnostic medical imaging, and rehabilitation therapy. TriStar Ashland City is backed by TriStar Centennial if more specialized care is needed. For more information about the services offered and health plans accepted by TriStar Ashland City, call TriStar MedLine® at (615) 342-1919 or (800) 242-5662, or visit and choose TriStar Ashland City. TriStar Ashland City is located at 313 North Main Street in Ashland City, Tenn.

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