New Volunteer Orientation is provided via this website to allow new volunteers to readily have access to information necessary for meeting orientation requirements for placement. This orientation must be completed prior to the first day of your placement. You will need to still meet with volunteer coordinator for placement, badge, etc.

1. Read the Volunteer Orientation Handbook.

2. Read and fill out the

Health Requirements:

TB Test

An annual tb test is required. We can complete at Centennial at no charge upon post-orientation meeting with volunteer coordinator. Tb's are offered weekdays between 10a-4p if nurse available. If you prefer to get your tb test on your own, you may do so at a doctor's office, the Health Department, or your college's student health center. Please be sure to give copy of the result for our files.

Note: If you have ever had a positive tb test or the bcg vaccination in another country, DO NOT get a tb test! You will complete top front page of tb form and the back of tb form. Bring documentation of past positive or bcg vaccine if possible to volunteer coordinator.

If you have had a TB test within the last year, you can bring us a copy of the test result which is good for one year from the date read.

Vaccination Records

Bring or Fax Vaccination Records to: 615-342-1759:

  • We will need a copy of your vaccination records. Please do your best to fax these to us prior to your interview or bring it to your interview.
  • If you or a parent or guardian do not have a copy of your records, you might want to check with your high school (high schools keep these any where from 2 - 10 years after you have graduated) or your family physician.
  • If you are unable to obtain a copy of your vaccination record, we will ask you to get a blood test which we can do in our lab at no charge to you.

Hepatitis B Vaccination

  • A Hepatitis B vaccination is not required. We are not able to offer this vaccination to you.