If you suffer from sleep disorders like sleep apnea, you could benefit from a sleep study. Our specialists can closely monitor you to determine what is causing your sleeping disorder and help you find a solution. At TriStar Centennial, we partner with you to make sure you’re healthy and sleeping well. We’ll work with your primary care provider to address all of your health concerns.

Sleep Center in Nashville

The Sleep Disorders Center at TriStar Centennial in Nashville is designed to help patients feel as comfortable as possible during their sleep evaluation. Private patient rooms, a quiet environment, and a compassionate staff afford you a stress-free setting for a comfortable stay. The photos below offer a glimpse of what you can expect at our center. Click on the photos to view larger.

When you enter the Sleep Disorders Center, you will check in with our receptionist.

You will watch a short video in our reception area that provides a visual overview of the sleep study before you move to your overnight room. The video also addresses treatment options if you test positive for obstructive sleep apnea.

Each patient has a private room for the duration of the sleep study. Our rooms are designed to provide a home-like atmosphere during your stay with us. Each room has its own restroom with shower, closet space and extra comforts including a television and desk.

Adjustable lighting allows patients to settle in for a good night's rest, just like you might at home.

Once you are ready to turn in for the night, your sleep technologist will connect you to a monitoring device that will capture your heart beat and breathing patterns. Our masks are small and light, affording you greater comfort.

This data will be used to compliment the video being captured from discrete cameras capturing your movements throughout the night.

Experienced and certified sleep technicians are close by for patient needs that may arise. They also capture data that will help.

Technicians capture multiple sets of data that will be analyzed by our sleep specialists.