TriStar Centennial nurses adhere to our iCARE values while serving with kindness, loyalty and dignity. Our culture is one that is based off of putting the patient first and foremost.

TriStar Centennial nurses are called to the profession.

“I have worked at TriStar Centennial right out of school, in 1972, and I’ve never left. People at some point in their lives all need to be taken care of – sometimes when they’re old, sometimes when they’re just sick – I feel like that’s what I’ve wanted to do all my life.”

- Star Sellars, RN - Case Manager

TriStar Centennial nurses treat patients like family.

“The way I think of our mission – and nursing in general – is you need to take a step back and say ‘what if this was my family?’ and ‘how would we want to be treated?’”

- Lindsay Adkins, RN – Oncology

TriStar Centennial nursing runs in the family.

“My mom works there. My aunt works there. I wouldn’t want to go anywhere else.”

- Amber Norwood – Nurse Residency Graduate